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Well look no further…we would love to help you see the true potential of your office. Handi Commercial Cleaning and Supply is an experienced Minneapolis Commercial Cleaning Services Company that offers a wide variety of solutions to help you keep your office clean and organized so you can concentrate on your business.

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Office Cleaning that Goes Beyond the Surface

We are meticulous cleaners and always leave your space looking and feeling clean and organized. Our Minneapolis Commercial Cleaning Services uses only the most effective and safe products to ensure you and your staff are working in a clean and non-toxic environment.

We also use a color coded system that allows us to only use certain products in specific areas of your office. For instance, we use one color cloth for your bathroom and a separate color for your desks. This ensures that no cloth that was used in the bathroom will ever be used on your desks.

Our Services

Commercial Cleaning Service

Our commercial cleaning service can clean upholstery, VCT floors, stone care, odor removal and more.

Green Cleaning

Our staff is highly trained in green cleaning. We can clean every room and surface in your office with eco-friendly products and tools.

Janitorial Service

Our staff is highly trained in green cleaning. We can clean every room and surface in your office with eco-friendly products and tools.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpets are one of the first things employees and customers see when they enter your office. Let us help remove stains, clean up high traffic areas, and remove dust and allergens that are trapped in the carpet fiber in a safe, non-toxic way.

Cleaning Services We Provide:

Restroom Sanitation

Restroom sanitation includes a general cleaning, floor cleaning, stall cleaning, odor control and restock products.

Kitchen Sanitation

Kitchen sanitation involves a wipe down of all surfaces, sanitize all surfaces, clean fridge, microwave, sinks and anything else in your kitchen you wish to be cleaned.

Cubicle Cleaning

We will clean, dust, vacuum, and remove trash without disturbing the workspace of your employees’ desk.

Upholstery Cleaning

We will clean hard to clean cloth surfaces, remove any stains on the furniture, as well as sanitize surfaces.

Odor Removal

We employ a multi-step process to remove odors from your bathrooms. First we remove the source, then we clean all the surfaces. Next we install and maintain air care systems, and finally add in fixtures (such as urinal screens) to continually work at removing odors at the source.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

ile and grout take a lot of abuse between products that come in contact with the grout and general wear and tear. We will clean up and remove stains and buildup to make them look new again.

VCT Floor Cleaning

VCT flooring is susceptible to yellowing over time. Between spills on the floor and dirt that’s tracked in from shoes, discoloration is inevitable. Rather than throw it out, allow us to restore its high gloss shine and slip-resistance.

Stone Care

We will maintain stone surfaces without compromising the integrity of the stone. We use products specific for the particular type of stone to ensure the stone is cleaned without any damage.

We offer two levels of service in order to meet and exceed your cleaning needs. The first is our platinum service level. This service provides an in-depth clean for those customers with service for more discerning needs. The second option is the gold service option which includes many specialty options that many cleaning companies charge extra for. We can also create a personalized plan to fit your needs.

Our staff are all certified and highly trained to have your office looking exactly how you’d like. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you’ll always be happy with the services we provide.

Client Reviews

Just want to give a heads up to you and your team, David is doing an excellent job for us. He really takes the time to be sure things are done right and look good. Everyone here notices and compliments the work he does! We appreciate it greatly!

Scott T.

The carpets look amazing! Thank you so much. It smells and feels so much cleaner here in the office. Great Job!!! Thank you again!

Kristi S.

Hi Robyn, The Sonus hot water heater decided to spring a leak sometime this weekend and the cleaning crew noticed it on Sunday (Mothers Day). I received a call from Marco (who was at a restaurant with his family). Long story short . . . Marco stopped what he was doing, picked up a wet-vac, drove to Sonus and helped clean up the mess. I cant tell you how grateful we are for Marcos willingness to get this taken care of. It speaks volumes; not only for Marco, but also for your company. Marco went above and beyond and we want to acknowledge this with you!!! Thanks so very much, Jane

Jane H

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