Green Office Cleaning: What is green cleaning and why is it so important in your workplace?

green cleaning products mnGreen office cleaning is the application of cleaning methods and products with eco-friendly ingredients uniquely designed to conserve environmental and health equality. More often than not, one thinks that green products can’t harm the outdoors. Although protecting the outdoors against hazardous chemicals is essential, green office cleaning can significantly improve the environment too.

Typically, pollution indoors is 2-5 times worse compared to outdoors. Due to poor ventilation, harmful chemicals have nowhere to go, and, eventually, they end up accumulating. For this reason, indoor air causes up to 50% of illnesses.

Most people spend a considerable amount of their time in the office workplace. According to various researchers, 3-34 minutes a day of every worker are lost because of a bad indoor environment. It could be a few minutes of rubbing eyes, blowing a nose, or dealing with a headache, which can lower performance for lots of hours.

The worst thing is that it can even result in more sick days being taken. Coworkers can even contract the sickness while in a close-quarters environment, and it can spread very fast. There’s also exposure of office workers to dangerous chemicals from the equipment and supplies of an office cleaner. Annually, the cleaning industry uses more than 6 billion pounds of potentially hazardous chemicals.

During cleaning, office cleaners often wipe and dust counters and desks, which exposes one’s staff to harmful contaminants and cleaning agents. According to research, science-based and third-party green-certified office cleaning products can clean in commercial environments with suitable amounts that have no adverse effect on occupants.

Generally, green cleaning products are a constituent of an advanced technology that also accommodates for cost-effective cleaning. Recently, there have been lots of approvals for most green products that perform well. Now more than ever, it’s much easier to substitute dangerous chemical cleaners with green ones. Typically, they are also the same price or even less! What’s more, one gets the added benefits of significantly lessening harm to both the environment and worker health.

Some of the benefits of using green office cleaning are:

– Positive awareness of being eco-friendly
– A return on your ROI
– Reduced absenteeism
– Enhanced productivity of occupants
– Office building occupants have improved health

Your office needs you to shift to a green cleaning program right away. Mostly, there are no upfront costs, and the entire process of changing to a green program can be speedy. Most professional cleaning companies have seen the need to implement green cleaning programs as they remain competitively priced as opposed to traditional cleaning companies.

Does your current cleaning provider lack a green cleaning program? Or perhaps green cleaning products? Call Handi Commercial Cleaning Services right away to get on your way to a professionally-cleaned and properly-maintained facility. We provide free green cleaning evaluations of your specific office’s cleaning program and even suggestions on how to be healthier, greener, and enhance your office’s sustainability efforts.


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