How are commercial cleaning services and janitorial services different?

janitorial services mnIt is extremely important for a business to keep its workspace clean and organized, regardless of whether it is an office building, retail store, or warehouse.  The appearance of your workspace is a major factor in the impression people have of your business, and can directly affect its performance.  Companies that are unable to maintain their own space are unlikely to attract customers and customers will turn to their competitors.  Keeping your workspace clean will also greatly enhance your employees’ performance.  According to studies on workplace cleanliness, employees are generally more productive and happier in an environment that is comfortable and clean.

Other companies hire third-parties to clean their work spaces, since they either don’t have the resources to hire an in-house team or don’t have the resources.  To do this, they must hire a professional janitorial or commercial cleaning company.  It is common practice to use the term “janitorial services” interchangeably with “commercial cleaning services,” however, these terms refer to different types of cleaning services.  To ensure you are hiring the right cleaning professional to take care of the cleaning you want done, you should know the difference between the two kinds of services.

Are there differences between commercial cleaning and janitorial services?

Commercial cleaning differs from janitorial services in that commercial cleaning includes bigger, more frequent jobs rather than smaller, every day tasks.  As an example, janitorial services include regular vacuuming of carpets, while commercial cleaning services include deep carpet cleaning.  Maintaining and cleaning your building on a regular basis is easier when you hire a janitorial service.  If a business wants to conduct a deep cleaning or prepare its workplace for an event, they can hire a commercial cleaning service. 

Janitorial Services

In addition to all the cleaning duties that janitorial services handle on a regular basis, you can count on them to take care of your workplace as well.  Your business will always look good and be ready for customers, clients, and visitors when you have consistent janitorial services.  Janitorial services are frequently scheduled by companies based on their needs, either daily, weekly, or biweekly.  It is up to you to set up the schedule and the cleaning tasks to ensure that the job is done to your satisfaction if you hire a janitorial service provider for office cleaning.

In the janitorial industry, professionals use specialized cleaning equipment and products to maintain clean and hygienic conditions so that cross-contamination is reduced.  Among these services may be:

  • Restroom cleaning
  • Cleaning of employee breakrooms or kitchens
  • Sweeping and mopping of hard surface floors
  • Vacuuming of the carpet
  • Dusting
  • Emptying trash

Commercial Cleaning Services

Cleaning services for commercial buildings cover larger jobs that do not require regular maintenance.  The majority of companies hire a commercial cleaning professional for a one-time job, but you can also contract their services for a few visits each year.  If your company knows what big cleaning projects it wants done and when, the cleaning service can be planned accordingly.  When choosing a commercial cleaning service provider, ask questions about the services, and see if the company guarantees their work.

Commercial cleaning services typically include:

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Tile and grout cleaning
  • Hard surface floor cleaning
  • Furniture and upholstery cleaning
  • Window washing
  • Power washing

Deciding Between Janitorial Services and Commercial Cleaning

Janitorial services can ensure that your office or facility remains clean and presentable by providing you with consistent cleaning services.  If you have a few big cleaning projects such as upholstery cleaning or power washing that need to be done, then you need to contact a company that provides commercial cleaning services.  Both types of cleaning services are usually offered by most service providers, and most businesses can benefit from both kinds of cleaning throughout the year.  To avoid having to work with multiple contractors when you seek commercial cleaning services, look for a company that provides both types of services.


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