Office Janitorial Services Benefits

janitorial cleaningWhen was the last time you deep cleaned your house? Despite seemingly clean spaces, you may be surprised to find dirt, grime, and muck underneath. Your carpet, air conditioner, trash, and blinds are all places where bacteria can lurk.

Imagine cleaning an entire office building instead of cleaning a whole house (which is certainly a big undertaking sometimes). Every day, janitorial workers all over the world do this job. It also tells us how important janitors’ jobs are to a functioning office building. Hence, janitors deserve immense respect.

A small business may share resources to handle janitorial tasks in-house, whereas large companies would need to invest in more infrastructure and aren’t able to do that. You will find that managing a janitorial staff is difficult work, and you may realize your office is dirtier than you thought.

Handi Commercial Services provides extensive cleaning services for a wide range of businesses and industries. The idea of providing daily janitorial services with in-house cleaning staff is rare and hard to come by, and that’s not even mentioning deep cleaning!

The purpose of this article is to explore some of the benefits you and your company can receive from investing in professional Office Cleaning services. Read on to learn how!

Office Cleaning Services

Maintaining a clean office is not something you should skimp on. A clean and disinfected workplace can go a long way towards making it a healthy and safe place to work, as we have learned over the last year because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite encouraging your employees to keep their workspace clean, hiring an office janitorial team will make your life a lot simpler.

Healthier Workplace

A building’s doorknobs, desks, and other surfaces are teeming with bacteria and germs. Due to insufficient resources or poor management, these surfaces are sometimes neglected or not regularly cleaned by in-house janitorial teams. In addition to cleaning other surfaces, cleaning professionals pay attention to surfaces that have a high degree of touch.

The surfaces are everywhere in the office; bathroom doors, coffee pots, conference tables, etc. Cleaning and disinfecting on a daily basis might seem insignificant, but it can have a huge impact on the workplace. You can dramatically decrease employee sickness and improve overall health by paying attention to the small details, such as high-touch surfaces and common area cleaning.

Deep Clean Capabilities

A small janitorial staff can sometimes handle daily cleaning, but it is unlikely to tackle a deep clean for an office. A professional janitorial cleaning service can help with this. Aside from being one of the best office cleaning companies, Handi Commercial Services team can also deep clean offices.

There is a big difference between regular janitorial cleaning and a deep clean. In regular cleaning, trash is emptied, tables and handles are wiped down, and general vacuuming is done, but a deep clean is much more thorough.

Here are a few things a deep clean can accomplish

  • Full Surface Cleaning – Deep cleaning covers every surface in the office, not just the high-touch surfaces on a daily basis
  • Carpet Cleaning – Vacuuming helps keep your office’s carpets clean, but when you deep clean them, they will look brand new. Carpet extraction provides a deeper clean.
  • Hard to Reach Areas – We mean it when we say “deep clean,” with a thorough dusting, spritzing, wiping, and hosing down all nooks and crannies of the office.

Knowledge and Experience

A cleaning company like Handi Commercial Services provides the advantage of knowledge. The entire janitorial staff at our company is fully-employees with the training and expertise needed to deal with anything your office may throw at them. We require our employees to undergo rigorous training from the day they are hired until the day they retire. Since we research new industry standards and continuously update our methods, our team members are among the best in the industry.

Each partnership with Handi Commercial Services begins with a site audit, which allows us to gain a complete understanding of the project. As a result, our team members rely on decades of industry expertise to select the right products, tools, and methods to handle your specific cleaning situation.

The importance of maintaining a clean office environment cannot be overstated. Employees are more motivated and focused when there is less clutter. Surfaces that are cleaner and germs that are better managed will make your office safer and healthier. Your office will be cleaner without the constant hiring, training, and supervision of an in-house staff.

When it comes to keeping your office space clean, Handi Commercial Services knows the importance of swift and efficient service. Handi Commercial Services is prepared to handle almost any cleaning task thanks to its experience in many industries.




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