What are the responsibilities of a commercial cleaner?

commercial office cleaningKeeping your office clean and comfortable is crucial to supporting your day-to-day transactions, thinking, and discussions. Instead of worrying about a messy situation, you should be able to impress clients, maintain property values, and keep everyone on task. Maintaining organization at your desk may be your responsibility, but office workers may not be able to clean out the fridge after someone else has messed up.

There are certain areas in your office or commercial area that may require cleaning. First and foremost, your storefront needs to be attractive and welcoming for potential clients and customers. Cleaning services are available for mopping and vacuuming, waxing floors, dusting, and even sanitizing bathroom areas that clients may use. The ability to maintain your space sends the message that appearance is important to you, and that you want your clients to feel comfortable when they are on your clean property.

It is also important to maintain your workspace. Regularly, commercial cleaners will do light cleaning, such as taking out the trash, cleaning the floors, and cleaning the restrooms and eating areas. Investing in other services, such as window cleaning as well as equipment and technology dusting, may also be necessary.

You will then need to think about the supplies and the cleaning process. It is common for companies to provide their own equipment and materials including chemicals for cleaning. In case you have special requests, speak with the cleaning service to see if they can accommodate you.

Cleaning Equipment & Methods

Various cleaning techniques, equipment, and chemicals are used by commercial cleaning companies to maintain commercial facilities. Routine and general cleaning will be provided for commercial buildings – Including tile, floor, shelving, walls, lighting, suspended ceilings, window cleaning, dining areas, and kitchens. A hot water extraction carpet cleaning is recommended approximately every 2-3 years. Commercial cleaning externally includes debris removal, graffiti removal, etc.

Commercial Cleaning Checklist

A commercial cleaner’s work depends on what they are supposed to do within a contract, and how much you are willing to pay for the services. Find out what commercial cleaning is and how it can benefit you by contacting a cleaning company within your area and asking about their pricing.

If you pay for cleaning your office, you expect to get what you pay for. A commercial cleaning company will provide a list of what they will do or how much they will do. Our company offers commercial cleaning for all plans.

Using our checklist will help you determine just how thorough the cleaning company is if you don’t have one for your company. Because we have been in business a long time, we know that our competitors cannot come close to offering the same value and service we do.

Daily Commercial Cleaning Checklist

It is the reception area of your office that your customer will see first. This area should always be clean, bright, and inviting. People need to work in a clean environment. An organized and clean workplace is conducive to employee productivity. Cleaning tasks for this area and other areas of the office include:

  • Empty waste bins and replace liners. Wash when needed.
  • Vacuum hard floors
  • Vacuum mats and carpets
  • Wipe all horizontal surfaces with a damp cloth of chairs, tables, desks, and other types of furniture
  • Dust all horizontal surfaces of chairs, tables, desks, and other types of furniture
  • Mop hard floors using disinfectants
  • Remove cobwebs from all areas
  • Collect all garbage, bottles, papers, etc. from the front entrance
  • Ensure all areas are cleaned and arranged neatly
  • Spot clean painted surfaces and walls
  • Remove fingerprints and marks from door frames and light switches
  • Wipe all internal glass
  • Polish brass and bright work on cabinets and doors
  • Clean automatic glass doors inside and out

Bathroom and Kitchen/Break Room Cleaning Checklist

To ensure safety and reduce the spread of germs in the workplace, a clean and sanitized restroom is a must. A similar rule applies to kitchens and break rooms where employees eat. Despite the fact that no food preparation takes place in this area, it is important to keep it clean and sanitary.

  • Remove garbage from all areas
  • Clean elevators and stairs
  • Mop clean kitchen and bathroom floors with disinfectants
  • Remove splash marks from partitions around sinks and from walls
  • Dust the tops of mirrors, frames, and partitions
  • Clean and sanitize all sinks. Polish all bright work
  • Empty trash receptacles and wipe them down if needed and replace liners as needed
  • Wipe hand towel dispensers and hand dryers
  • Clean and polish mirrors
  • Stock toilet paper, facial tissues, hand soap and hand towels
  • Vacuum and mop all hard floors
  • Spot clean internal glass in doors
  • All toilets and urinals will be disinfected and cleaned on both side and sanitized and then wiped dry
  • Polish all bright work and brass

Weekly Commercial Cleaning Checklist

  • Clean all glass inside and outside with a squeegee
  • Spray buff all hard floors

Monthly Commercial Cleaning Checklist

  • Vacuum chairs and vents



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