What Types of Businesses Use Janitorial Services?

janitorial services mnJanitorial services offer cleaning services and can help commercial space tenants and commercial building owners with their cleaning needs. Some businesses need janitorial services while others don’t. This article will help business owners determine whether or not janitorial services will suit their business.

Are All Cleaning Companies Created Equal?
Different janitorial companies offer different services. As such, it is good to ask the janitorial company you want to hire for a checklist of the services they offer. Keep in mind that some of the companies are industry-specific and only serve a particular industry. Other companies, on the other hand, specialize in certain types of cleaning, particular products or certain types of expert services.

When looking for a janitorial company, it is good to determine the reason why you are looking for the company, how often you would like the company to do the cleaning. Doing these two things will help make the process of searching for a janitorial company easy. Additionally, ask the janitorial companies you would like to hire as many questions as possible to find a company that will meet your cleaning needs.

Most of the janitorial companies offer the following services:
-Dusting/sanitizing flat surfaces
-Trash/recycling removal
-Cleaning interior glass
-Wiping handles/doorknobs
-Removing cobwebs
-Sanitizing bathrooms
-Restocking supplies (toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, and so on)
-Floor care (mopping, sweeping, vacuuming)

There are other services offered by janitorial companies and it is up to you to know whether your business needs any extra cleaning services. That is why it is good to determine the kind of cleaning services your business needs before looking for a janitorial company.

What Kind of Businesses Need Janitorial Services?
While cleaning services can help almost any type of business, some businesses can benefit more than other businesses from hiring a janitorial company. Here are some of the companies that can benefit more from hiring commercial cleaning services:
-Education/ schools
-Mixed office space
-Dental offices
-Medical facilities
-Manufacturing/ industrial
-Co-working spaces
-Therapists (mind and/or body)
-Retail centers
-Service industries

Some industries or businesses only need janitorial services when a tenant moves in or moves out such as in rentals, storage spaces or office space. Those businesses that do not have property and only have land or use residential space or farm don’t need janitorial services.

It is a good idea for businesses with high-security needs, volunteer workers or other highly sensitive needs or equipment to consider in-house staff instead of a janitorial company. This will ensure that the highly specialized requirement of the business is met.

What if I am unsure?
If you cannot decide whether or not your business needs a janitorial company, contact us. We will help you understand the entire process, check your space, do a complimentary audit and recommend options that will meet the cleaning needs of your business.

Outsourcing can seem like an overwhelming task. However, it does not have to be when you get a friendly interaction that offers support and education. A janitorial company is always ready to answer questions customers have regarding their services and ask customers questions about what they expect. Asking and answering questions helps a janitorial company know a certain customer expects from them. It also helps a customer know whether the company they want to hire is the best choice for him or her.

Handi commercial cleaning services is ready to serve those businesses that need cleaning services. When you contact them, they will try as much as possible to find out about your cleaning needs and provide a quote that will meet your needs. If you need a temporary or one-and-done cleaning, or regular on-going cleaning, contact Handi Commercial Cleaning Services to get the cleanliness and sanitization you need.


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