When should commercial carpets be cleaned?

carpet cleaningIt is very important for your business to have a good curb appeal. In addition to providing quality products and excellent customer service, you also need to have a good curb appeal. If, however, your premise is unattractive, consumers will avoid you.

Cleaning is a simple way to ensure a positive image, and it will help. The carpet is one of the most important things to take care of.

Do you know how often you should have your carpets professionally cleaned? Frequently cleaning carpets may seem to some business owners like a waste of money and time, leading to unnecessary wear and tear.

It depends on how the carpet is cleaned whether or not that is true. It is also true that infrequently cleaning carpets will negatively impact the brand’s reputation.

By hiring a professional carpet cleaner, you can ensure carpet cleanliness without tears.  Here are some considerations to guide you in creating a schedule for cleaning your carpet in case you’re unsure if it’s time.

Consider Your Business Type

Consider your business type when determining how often you should clean your carpet.

Based on the activities carried out in the premise, the carpet will accumulate dirt more often and require more frequent cleaning.

Bars and Restaurants

This is a highly trafficked area. Similarly, consumers spill food every day, making food handling difficult.

If spills and grease are left unattended for an extended period of time, they form unpleasant grime. Unhygienic restaurants and bars don’t appeal to diners and drinkers.

For this reason, cleaning your carpet on a quarterly basis is recommended.

Retail Store

Here we have another high-traffic area. Carpets need to be cleaned every 3 to 6 months, depending on the products you sell.


Keeping your school’s carpets clean every three months is a good idea.

Medical Facility

Cleaning regulations at healthcare facilities must be strictly followed.

Because of the increase in airborne contamination cases, you should clean your carpet as often as possible. Healthcare facilities are all different, and each day is filled with various events. Therefore, there is no preset schedule for this.

Business Offices

Neutral-color carpeting is common in office buildings. It typically shows little to no dirt.

The dirt may be invisible, but that does not mean that it does not exist. When you have low traffic in your office, it is recommended that you schedule commercial carpet cleaning services every year and every two years when you have a lot of foot traffic.

How Often Do You Vacuum?

In addition to cleaning your carpet on a regular basis, consider the vacuum schedule you follow.

Although vacuuming does not remove grime, it does remove dirt and allergens.

The carpet lasts longer and requires less cleaning when vacuumed once or twice a week. You can remove inert particles from the carpet before they get ingrained.

Saving money and time in the long run is possible with vacuuming. One reason is that vacuuming will let you avoid professional cleaning for longer periods of time.

Commercial carpet cleaners should not be dismissed due to vacuuming. A deep cleaning is needed once or twice a year to eliminate dirt and grime.

The Color of Your Carpet

Bright carpets have to be cleaned more frequently than their darker counterparts.

The reason for this is that bright colors show dirt more readily than dull colors. They also require more maintenance to maintain their appearance.

Light colors, however, should not be avoided. The ability to detect dirt levels faster is important for maintaining a comfortable and hygienic work environment.


The carpet cleaning schedule will need to be more frequent in offices with high traffic than in offices with low traffic.

There are more people visiting each day if there is high traffic. If only one or two people arrive at the office per day, there is a higher chance of dirt being left behind.

Nevertheless, limiting the number of shoes in the office will help minimize regular cleaning. You might also want to make sure your shoes are clean if you have to enter with shoes. Additionally, shoe restrictions prevent premature damage to the carpet.

Entryways, such as hallways, require monthly cleaning because they accumulate dirt and debris more quickly than business offices.

Are There Allergic Workers?

Allergy sufferers cannot tolerate even the smallest amount of dirt. As a result, you will have to schedule carpet cleanings more frequently.

Those with asthma, for instance, should vacuum the carpet every day and have at least one professional cleaning session each month.

Regular carpet cleaning will demonstrate that you care about your workers and provide them with a comfortable workspace.

Presence of Pets

Your business regulations may allow some employees to bring their pets into the workplace.

Clients may bring favorite pets to the clinic in some cases. A hotel that allows pets, for example, will need carpet cleaning frequently.

Fur leaves behind allergens, and if the fur isn’t regularly removed, the rooms will become uninhabitable. Vacuuming should be regularly performed along with commercial cleaning procedures.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning to Boost Your Business Success

Keeping your commercial carpets clean regularly ensures that your office is comfortable and livable for your workers and visitors. The result is increased customer traffic.

A healthy work environment is created when your carpet is cleaned frequently. As a result, this reduces office sickness and absenteeism, which increases productivity. A successful business benefits from these factors.

Find out what services are available in your local area and select the most reliable one based on their experience and reviews from past customers.

Please contact us if you require commercial cleaning services. Please let us know how we can help you.




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